Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh, this is silly. 
I just lost what was going to be a non-earth-shattering, non-ground breaking, infomercial about all the lovely pipe organ products I am designing courtesy of the nice people at Or
Anyway just one click, and the lot was gone. No real loss to mankind but my pinkies are tired from a day typing.
The point was to introduce the point of this blog. I make products every day, which I will put up here on my blog and hope that someone will have the good sense to buy them. That way the cats can eat.

If you are in any way a musician, an organist, a chorister, choral director, or even a doting relative of any of the preceding, chances are that you will find birthday and Christmas gifts for them for the rest of their born naturals on my site:
Organ Gifts
There are hundreds and hundreds of gifts, and the range grows daily (rather like my waistline).
Have a peek at one I made today:
More to come tomorrow, you lucky things, you.

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