Friday, October 21, 2011

Phew!!!! Another large batch of seasonal and general cards made. I love making them - partly because he results justify to me the cost of a fairly high-end camera (pace, hubby!!!) but because they well, just make organs look so wonderful Nothing beats the real thing of course - I always remember the effect when I saw the organ in Albi Cathedral live for the first time. It was so much larger, all-encompassing and dominating than I had expected. Gobsmacked I was.
It's also fun combining the cards with postage made from the same images. Shrinking Albi to a 44c stamp felt amazing. You could get a power complex doing this sort of thing.

The special on Cards (50% off if you enter the promo code SHOPALLCARSD at checkout) ends on October 23rd - hence my haste to create more.Have a look at what is there so far... Pipe organ greeting cards
Now for some serious kip.

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