Sunday, November 27, 2011

Metal pipes poster! 
Oh, oh, oh joy!- sometimes something just happens that seems to have been destined. Not often with me, as I find designing for my Zazzle products and photography in general is a lot of hard sweat, work, and very little inspiration. But today one photo just fell into place as if the world had been waiting for it! These silver spotted metal organ pipes cried out to be made into a poster (closer up, you can see the delicate orange and green reflections gently colouring the pipes - the effect is terrific). Am thrilled with this - but disappointed that it wouldn't look so good in our old-fashioned kind of home! Oh well, win some, lose some. Have a look at the poster in my Zazzle organs shop here where you can test it out on different walls, and try various sizes (and costs!!) A great idea for the modern décor if you are keen on organs!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Organist at your service . . . business cards that stand out from the crowd!

I'm delighted to announce a new design that should please organists trying to find a business card that will get them noticed - and remembered. Whether you want to offer your talents as a church service organist, or for weddings, funerals, baptisms, or any number of other services, this card says it all!

The chubby shaped 3.5" x 2.5" cards in packs of 100 have a picture of an organ console with the words "Organist at your service" on the front; on the back is a template with plenty of spaces for you to customise the printing to include your name, phone numbers, address, e-mail and website addresses. There is even room for you to place a  photo if you'd like! Get some right now and start making an impression.

  • 3.5" x 2.5" – Chubby Profile Card
  • Choose from ten types of premium card stock.
  • FREE Full-bleed, full-color printing on both sides.
  • Save with bulk orders!
  • Skinny and standard-sized business cards also available.

The big three Bs are in town!!
This coming weekend,  the Jubilate Singers hold their final concert of the year, B3, on Sunday at 2.00 pm in the Church of Our Lady of Victories, 106 Main South Road, Sockburn.

B3 includes music by three 'Big Men' of the choral world - Bach, Bruckner and Brahms. The concert opens with music for Advent by J S Bach: Cantata Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (soloists: Oliver Sewell, Helen Charlton and Nathan Mehrtens). This is followed by excerpts from Bach’s Partita no 3 in E major (Loure & Gavotte), played by Cathy Irons, the leader of the Jubes’ string ensemble. Organist Martin Setchell concludes the first half with two chorale preludes on Nun komm.
The choir returns to sing motets Warum ist das Licht gegeben dem Muhseligen? and Es ist das Heil uns kommen her by Brahms, followed by his Hungarian Dance no 7 in A major & Two Minuets played by a string quartet. Three motets by Bruckner end this concert of stirring music:  Christus factus est, Ave Maria and his monumental Ecce Sacerdos.

The Jubilate Singers, directed by Grant Hutchinson, will be joined by organist Martin Setchell (that name rings a bell) and a string ensemble led by Cathy Irons.  Tickets ($15/$10 concession) are available at the  door. B there this weekend!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Town Hall organ has only ‘minimal’ earthquake damage

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Christchurch Town Hall organ has only ‘minimal’ earthquake damage
The organ in Christchurch Town Hall’s main auditorium has sustained ‘unbelievably minimal damage’ following recent earthquakes, a report says.
The report for Christchurch City Council by Wendelin Eberle, president of Austrian company Rieger-Orgelbau, which built the organ, says the 14-year old organ’s structure, and its delicate mechanisms are undamaged. It recommends some of the organ’s pipes will need to be replaced or repaired as they are damaged. The organ will also need to be cleaned, revoiced and tuned. It is expected that this work will be covered by the Council’s insurance.
The report says, “Compared to what happened in general, the damage to the organ is unbelievably minimal. There’s nothing which can’t be repaired or restored and only a few pipes have to be replaced.”

During his visit from Austria to inspect the organ this month, Mr Eberle also stabilised it and its damaged pipes to prevent any more damage occurring.
The organ has been housed in the Town Hall since 1997 after the public raised most of its $1.2 million purchase price.
Christchurch City Council Community Services General Manager Michael Aitken says it is wonderful news that the valuable organ has sustained so little damage. “We are still working through a process which will help us to make a decision about the future of the Town Hall, after it was badly damaged in the 22 February earthquake. However, it is great that the organ, which holds a special place in the heart of so many Cantabrians, has survived so well.”
Martin Setchell, the Town Hall organ’s curator, says the world-renowned organ belongs to the people of Christchurch. “We are relieved and extremely thrilled that the organ will be preserved for generations to come. With so many of our city’s church organs damaged in the recent earthquakes, this news about the Town Hall organ is even more special.”

Again, YAY!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goody - am off this morning to speak to a group in the Woolston Working Men's club this morning about (wait for it) on "Cameras, concerts and carbuncles - life with a touring concert organist". Can't wait - always enjoy showing people behind the façade of the world's most magnificent organs and what happens on tour. Many of the tales are taken from "Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments" but luckily I have dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of pix to illustrate the tales - which helps stop people dozing off.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fagus Publishers are offering a special Christmas deal on Martin Setchell's 3 Piece Suite!
This, from Geoffrey Atkinson:

"One of the big successes in the Fagus Catalogue is Martin Setchell's 3 Piece Suite - and this is due in no small measure to the concluding item the 'Toccata on Joy to the World'.
Quite apart from sounding absolutely splendid, it is not actually too difficult, once you get that rhythm going, (your publisher played it - to gasps of astonishment last Christmas) and it really does make an exhilarating concluding voluntary for a Christmas service.  A pdf of the first three pages is attached, and you can hear Martin playing the piece at on the Rieger organ in the Christchurch Town Hall (now sadly unusable at the moment after the serious earthquake).
So the special offer is you can have, as an offprint, a pdf for 4.00 GB pounds or hard copy for 6.00 post free (UK and EC) - otherwise + 1.00 for postage.
Or you can, of course, have the whole suite for 7.50 via pdf, or 10.00 hard copy (post free this Christmas UK and EC)."

Don't hesitate!!! Contact Fagus

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yesterday - despite the grey day and echoes of John Cleese's dislike for the city - in Palmerston North was great fun. Martin and I talked a bit about organs, earthquakes, rubble and touring the world gaining friends and carbuncles to a small, elite group of people, some of whom travelled quite a distance to get here. I loved some of the stories told to me there and hopefully have committed them to memory for the next book. (Silent screaming from those nearest and dearest to me.)

Come to listen to Martin as "the Organist Entertains", 2.15pm, Sunday November 13th, All Saints, Palmerston North, NZ
And today? Martin has a concert in All Saints beginning at 2.15pm. Looks like my session at the local disco will have to wait until next time as I'm needed for stop turning and page pulling  - no, whoops, it's the other way around - I think! Come along if you can and say hello. A cup of something (nothing stronger than Aunty Mary's coffee I guess) will be served afterwards and it would be a great chance to get to meet some of our internet friends... Will be a great programme with varied and highly listenable music!
A new bag design for organ aficionados! An image of a  Bach manuscript with the words J.S.Bach's Organ Works above. Available in several designs and colours.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's a miracle!

So says  Rieger Orgelbaumeister Wendelin Eberle after he spent about five hours making a close inspection  (visual only as there is still no power in the town hall) of the Rieger organ in the Christchurch Town Hall on Wednesday November 9th. Compared with the devastation and wholesale destruction of buildings surrounding the Town Hall and in the Central Business District of Christchurch, Wendelin fully expected to find massive and serious damage to the barely 14 years old pipe organ, following 7.1 earthquake in September and subsequent 7594 aftershocks.
Most other pipe organs in the city suffered very bad damage and several have been totally lost. So it was with a great deal of trepidation that we waited for Wendlin to arrive in Christchurch for a brief 2-day visit from Austria to see for himself what the fate of our organ would be. 
"Compared to what happened in general, the damage to the organ is unbelievably minimal," he said. "There's nothing which can't be repaired or restored, and only a few pipes have to be replaced."

While he was looking at the organ, Wendelin was able to replace all of the pipes in a quick temporary fix to avoid further damage due to leaning and collapsed pipes.And further aftershocks, of course. It's only a temporary measure, until a more durable, permanent repair can be carried out.

More details soon.
Frankly, we're opening the bubbly!

Wendelin inspects the façade pipes, with  temporary lighting from an outside generator.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

As friends and readers will know, our lives have been bounded by the earthquaking, us shaking and our attempts to get back on our feet for the past 14 months. Here is a most informative video ride through the forbidden city of Christchurch with the head of demolition, Warwick Isaacs, who explains what is going, has gone, and might just be able to be preserved.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yet another sale of the "Organists are Great (and Swell and Positif)" design! This time on a mug - a winner as I think you can't have too many things to drink out of - never know when the local penguin-hurling team is going to drop by. I love the way you can change the colours of the insides of these mugs (as well as the handles) So you COULD (if you wanted to be really creative) make a matching set with just a few changes to green, blue, black, red, yellow - and there are probably more colours I have remembered.) Or plain white. Very nifty idea  (can't say it was mine but whoever thought of it deserves a special stamp on the back of their hand...)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Samsung Galaxy android phone case - organ pipes Samsung Galaxy S Cover |

Samsung Galaxy android phone case - organ pipes Samsung Galaxy S Cover |
This sold! Someone loves this magnificent-looking organ in Montpellier Cathedral, France as much as I do! The light inside the cathedral changes so much during the day that it's hard to get a good view of it unless you happen to visit either early in the day or later on, when the sun shines through the narrow windows.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Latest card design posted (especially with the hard-working, generally unappreciated church organists in mind):
Voluntary work card card Voluntary work card by organs Make the most of the few days left in the 50% discount for cards. Think of your poor organist, slaving away in the loft, struggling through ice and snow (or heat and sand if you live in our hemisphere) to bring you your favourite carols, hymns, service music - everything you love about church music!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Phew... all done and dusted and another newslitter hits the pavements - or electronic equivalent of same.
You can read this fabulous um, er, creation on the website if you don't subscribe.
Part of this month's content is news of the latest competition, masquerading this time as a prize draw, no competition needed! So put those brain cells away, and simply enter the draw by putting a comment below this post, with your e-mail, your name, (so I can let you know when/if you've won....) by 20th November.
Jolly hockey sticks and all that!
POSTSCRIPT: If you would prefer, please email your comment with your personal contact details for the competition - this way will not be so public. The e-mail button is to the bottom left of the comment box...
Oh goody! Look, if you live in the EU, you can get free shipping from Zazzle by putting in the magic word "BONFIRENIGHT" when you check out (on orders over £25, mind) Pretty good deal as shipping is so expensive and often constitutes almost as much as the goodies in the first place! This deal lasts only until November 5th (at one minute to midnight GMT, if I'm being very, very particular) . Really worth a punt especially if you are buying larger and heavier bits and pieces! Mugs, anyone?
My other organ is a Cavaillé-Coll

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