Sunday, November 27, 2011

Metal pipes poster! 
Oh, oh, oh joy!- sometimes something just happens that seems to have been destined. Not often with me, as I find designing for my Zazzle products and photography in general is a lot of hard sweat, work, and very little inspiration. But today one photo just fell into place as if the world had been waiting for it! These silver spotted metal organ pipes cried out to be made into a poster (closer up, you can see the delicate orange and green reflections gently colouring the pipes - the effect is terrific). Am thrilled with this - but disappointed that it wouldn't look so good in our old-fashioned kind of home! Oh well, win some, lose some. Have a look at the poster in my Zazzle organs shop here where you can test it out on different walls, and try various sizes (and costs!!) A great idea for the modern décor if you are keen on organs!

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