Friday, December 30, 2011

There's a first time for everything
 Petitions were always for others who had the gumption to stand by their convictions. I was always too woolly for that, hoping for an easy, peaceful non-confrontational outcome to issue I was uncomfortable with.
SO at the tender age of, er, ah, cough-cough late 50s, I surprised myself by starting an online petition to ask dear Mr Marryatt, our overpaid city Chief Executive, to refuse the 14.4% pay rise of $68,000 or so that he has been given by our boys' club of a city council.

The trouble with our Mr Marryatt's pay rise is that I see friends who haven't got an inside toilet. They have leaking roofs and floors with great holes in them. On Boxing Day I walked up numerous driveways knee-deep in silt to see abandoned homes, children's toys and former glorious gardens covered in yukky, creeping silt that never seems to disappear. I looked for people to help, only to be told that they were fine and there were so many others much worse off who could do with help.

Hear that, Mr Marryatt? Others worse off than the poor sods who have had to make a hobby out of clearing drains, drives, back yards, hallways of silt, fungus, water, rubbish? Yes, and there are. I think you are one of those worse off. Because, know what? You must be the most unpopular person in Christchurch right now. .. Luckily for you of course, you aren't here to feel the pressure. That will come when you return from Australia's Gold Coast. But I hope for your sake that next time there's a big aftershock, your house escapes damage. The teams of willing volunteers (look up the word if you don't know what it means) may be tempted to look elsewhere for people to help.

But meanwhile, back to my petition.  It's online and can be signed by anyone.
Sign the Petition on Marryatt's pay rise

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