Monday, April 23, 2012

 During the touring life of a concert organist (and his missus - me), there are a handful of times when you are aware that you have been accorded a great privilege. This week has been one of those times. To play a concert on one of the world's best known and most often heard pipe organs is what Martin is in Salt Lake City for - and yes, it's the Mormon Tabernacle organ on which he will be presenting an hour's concert tomorrow night, Tuesday April 24th. Titled "An English Organist Entertains" it may be a bit different from the usual concert - but you will have to go yourself to see what Martin is playing!
Earlier, Martin savoured the joys of the delightful Lively-Fulcher organ in the Libby Gardner Hall in a 40-minute concert.
As an aside, I would have to say that we have rarely - if ever - found such efficient organisation and perfect conditions in our tours. Thank you, the organ people of Salt Lake. You know who you are!

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