Monday, December 3, 2012

Get your Kindle version of Organ-isms!

After much blood,sweat and tears, I have now managed to get my book "Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments" up online with Amazon for distribution as an ebook. The only downside is that it has no illustrations as in the printed copy. But hey, this means it's much cheaper!
Check it out here .
If you live in the UK, France, Germany, Spain or Italy, you can also buy the kindle version from Amazon - simply from that country's website. ie it will be for Germany.

And the hard-copy version is still available from the usual outlets around the world. To find which works best for you, go to and look through the options.

This book is a super present for anyone, but especially organists. It was written by organists and organ lovers for the wider readership - as a window into our weird and wonderful world. Half the things you would never dream can happen in the hallowed halls of cathedrals, abbeys, and even town halls. But they do - and have! I won't spoil it for you - but suffice it say that this is a gem, with tales from more than 120 people all over the world who have passed on the experiences that have made them howl with laughter, cry with frustration, glower in anger, and tretch the belief of all who hear about them. Don't miss the chance to get this book now, in whichever form suits you best!

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