Friday, September 27, 2013

Central Otago in Autumn - HDR
I have joined the amazing artists' website of Fine Art America and am having a ball. Trouble is, after all, what, 50 years (Ye gods!) of doing photography, there are several problems:
  1. I'm still learning - mostly from other people. And what I see of other photography on this site, I wonder why I bother sometimes.
  2. If you add the thousands of stored negatives to the umpteen gadzillion digital images, I have too much to choose from. There is something to be said for the old roll film where you were slightly more limited. Occasionally I would limit myself to one shot of a subject only, to see what would happen. The result? : Not pretty, usually.
  3. How to tear myself away from it? Strict self-discipline will be needed here.
  4. Trying to understand the site, the discussions, the etiquette, the community etc. The chaps and chapesses all seem very friendly but I am bound to upset a few unknowingly by doing the wrong thing as I learn.
But oh! What fun I will have! Now I no longer need to keep to the straight and narrow path of conventional photos and especially not only organs (much as you know I love them)
I wonder if anyone will tell me what they like to see in the store? Something chocolate boxy like my shot of the Bamberg Bridge and Altes Rathaus??  or like the HDR shot of the Clutha near Wanaka, in Autumn.
Do let me know your thoughts...

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