Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lift-off for Organ Capers!

It isn't often that Martin and I can go out together for an organ 'do' when neither are involved in actively playing, turning, registering or whatever form organ events take. Even listening to an organ concert takes effort.
Tonight is deliciously different: the launch of Martin's new CD, Cardboard Cathedral Organ Capers, is happening at the - you guessed it - Cardboard Cathedral. Kindly church authorities have further extended their hospitality which has oiled the wheels for this latest aural production by offering the Cathedral space for us to invite organ-type chums and the many whom we want to thank for their support in this, and past ventures. We can only count our many blessings; times have been hard but as we have so often found, good comes from bad. Ok - so no old cathedral, but in its place a lovely light, open space with the friendliest welcome you will find anywhere. And a Rodgers organ which thinks it's an orchestra - well, in Martin's hands anyway. How many organists do you know sit with an arrangement of music alongside the original orchestral score on the music desk? So organ imitates orchestra as closely as possible - and what a stunning effect! But he also makes the organ sound like an organ - which is just as well.

I'm always proud of Martin's CD preparation and results, but in this case there is a special feeling that we have crossed a barrier. Previously, post-earthquake, it was a case of trying make music against all the odds in Christchurch. Three years later, we are able to enjoy music for its own sake, and not just as a prop for jaded souls and frustrated, nervy survivors struggling to keep bank balances and spirits from toppling. The music will still calm and soothe - but now it isn't just about survival. 

Right now I'm off to do a little capering....

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