Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New organ CD now available!

It's been a hurricane few weeks of activity but now Martin's new organ CD is ready for the punters! "Cardboard Cathedral Organ Capers" is a slightly new departure for him - no, wait, who am I kidding? It's a BIG departure - the first he has recorded on a digital organ. But it is a biggy - the new Rodgers Infinity organ in the Transitional Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand. (In case you haven't caught up with the news yet, Martin's first love, the Rieger Pipe Organ in the Christchurch Town Hall has been put to bed for several years while earthquake repairs on the Town Hall complex are completed around it; the organ itself is just fine, but it has had to be entombed for the duration of the work.)

But Martin can't keep those pinkies still for very long, and after sampling some of the gorgeous sounds on the Rodgers in the Cardboard Cathedral, he couldn't resist compiling a CD that shows off the versatility of this instrument. From the usual battery of conventional organ sounds, through to the orchestral palettes, which include the kitchen department of timpani, Martin has produced 18 tracks of lively and inspiring music that provides something for everyone. We're delighted that at last we have some good news from the city that has been struggling to get to its feet for the past 3 years - and this CD shows that we can still laugh and enjoy music - no matter how it is produced!

Check out the tracklist and how to order from Martin's website  or from or
If you'd like to hear a couple of samples, see these YouTube videos:
Fauré's Sicilienne:
And Martin's own spoof version of the Wedding march Extraordinaire:

Enjoy the CD - as much as we enjoyed making it!

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